Robson Ranch Men’s Nine Hole Club

MISSION STATEMENT:  Our overall objective is to focus on men’s 9-hole golf and establish a pressure-free, social, casual 9-hole golf experience.  We will always play from the player friendly Gold Tees.

ALL SKILL LEVELS OF GOLFERS ARE WELCOME:  New golfers, Senior golfers, Super Senior golfers, recovering golfers and all levels of skills golfers will be welcome in the 9-hole Men’s Golf Association.

SIGN UP PROCEDURE FOR WEEKLY PLAY:  You will get an electronic email invitation on Wednesday afternoons/early evenings for the next weeks play date.  Just click on the box “PLAYING” or “NOT PLAYING”.  You will get a confirmation reflecting your choice.

WEEKLY PLAY:  Currently we play on Wednesday mornings using a shotgun start.  The start time changes based on weather conditions and other golf course requirements.  Sign up by the following Monday at noon for Wednesday Play Day.  On Mondays at 1PM we will create pairings and email to the players that have signed up.  There will be a late sign-up sheet in the Pro Shop.  Call the Pro Shop at 940-246-1012 or stop by during business hours to be added to the stand-by list.

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS:  Available at the Pro Shop…Currently, dues are $35 for the 9-Hole Men Golf Association membership, plus $15 for members who also join the 18-hole MGA.  Make checks payable to 9MGARR and leave in our mailbox in the Pro Shop.


2020 9RRMGA Board Members/Committee Chairman:

Tom Prohaska, President

John Burkholder, Vice-President

Bob Post, Secretary

Norm Leggett, Treasurer

Frank Ruggiero, Past President

Dan Shoemaker, Adopt-A-Hole

Open Position, Communication

Dan Siefert, GHIN Representative

Denny Anderson, Golf & Greens

Rich Hall, Golf Rules

Gary Geiser/Dan Shoemaker, Handicap & Pairing

Jerry Meyer, Membership

Doug Smith, Parliamentarian

John Burkholder, Special Events

Gary Geiser, Website

Tom Zumann, Wellness

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